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AG Sentry Mobile App by HD Precision Analytics

A Smarter Way to Sell Seeds - Fast!

TRUSTWORTHY AND SMART ANALYSIS MATTERS.  It will put you on a fast track to a successful selling season. AGSentry moves seed sales data beyond historical reports by highlighing the real signals that need to be heard.

AG Sentry Mobile App by HD Precision Analtyics

AGSentry is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that also include data service to help Ag retailers & dealers improve their sales productivity and their bottom-line. 

bullet 1Empower your team with a Sales Analytics App

  • AGSentry App highlights critical trends and indicators that are easy to understand and put into immediate action.
  • AGSentry App improves sales focus, enhances customer retention, aligns marketing and sales shared goals.
  • With just a few months to sell seeds, AGSentry App provides your team with clear, measurable and forward looking sales goals and promote productive conversations.
  • Customization is also available.

bullet 2Data governance service with efficiency and accuracy

  • AGSentry data service delivers accurate and reliable data which are ‘must-haves’ for a successful tool.
  • AGSentry data service enables you to take advantage of our Ag data expertise with cleansing, mining, and integrating data across silos and get your team online quickly.
  • Resolve common barriers with sales data and workflow.

AGSentry is backed by HD Precision Analytics’ decades of Ag business experience. 

Call 636-887-2770, and we'll get you on the AGSentry fast track to selling.

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